CPF monitors suspicious activity in area

Visibility of CPF patrollers, security company and police make a difference.

What is commonly known as “the silly season” is on our doorstep.

In the Din-Al-View community the patrollers have observed an increase in what the Din-Al-View CPF suspects to be the trading of drugs, as there are random vehicles circulating the area repeatedly, as well as an increase in pedestrian activity.

“We are of the opinion that some of the vehicles and pedestrians may be watching homes in our community.

“So, we request all residents to be vigilant and keep an eye out for vehicles and pedestrians that are not usually on their streets,” said Teresa Robertson, the CPF events coordinator.

During the month of October the forum stepped up their visibility in the area.

On October 7, in response to the patroller observations, the CPF had five vehicles on patrol and 12 patrollers.

“We had the privilege of two SWS vehicles joining us, as well as our SAPS sector vehicle.

“The onslaught of all these vehicles in random streets at various times, we believe, foiled many possible undesirable activities,” said Robertson.

“As one vehicle would pass through a street, it was not long before the next one came through the same street.

“So, as soon as those wanting to perform possible undesirable acts thought the coast was clear, they had an unexpected surprise over and over on an ongoing basis for about five hours.

“Some of our members also assisted the SAPS in chasing a suspect on foot, however, the suspect managed to get away this time.”

The following Friday, October 14, the CPF again sent vehicles out on patrol.

This time they had four vehicles and 10 patrollers.

“We patrolled for approximately three hours.

“SWS and the SAPS sector van patrolled with us again.

“Similar activities were observed and foiled,” said Robertson.

Last Friday they did the same, with three vehicles, five patrollers and three “student patrollers”, and patrolled for about three hours.

“We are appealing to residents to be more aware of their surroundings and activities in their street of residence and the general area.

“Becoming an active member of CPF is easy and free, it is not compulsory for a CPF member to patrol,” said Robertson.

“In saying that, we do need more volunteers to patrol.

“There is power in numbers, as we learnt once again on the Friday evenings.”

The Din-Al-View CPF has a monthly public meeting and all residents in Dinwiddie, Albemarle, Castleview and Union are encouraged to attend.

The meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month, at Dinwiddie High School, situated in Baldock Avenue, Dinwiddie, and start at 6.30pm.

For more information visit www.dinalview.co.za.


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