Glorious gardens of Germiston glow

The Germiston Rotary Anns hosted an Open Gardens weekend on Saturday and Sunday, opening the gates to three beautiful gardens for the community to enjoy. Malachi (4) and Sophia (5) Ribeiro were snapped taking in the splendour of one of the gardens.

This past weekend saw Germiston bathed in sunshine, with only a little rain, and the Germiston Rotary Anns couldn’t have been happier.

This was because the Rotary Anns had hand-picked three beautiful gardens and invited the community to come see just how stunning these really are.

Each garden was in full bloom and filled with hidden treasures for young and old to explore.

Many residents couldn’t have thought of a better way to enjoy the final days of the summer season than by taking a tour through some of the most glorious gardens in Germiston.

Guests were welcomed at the gate of each garden by a dedicated team of Anns, together with members of the Germiston Garden Club, who were thrilled with the community’s response to the event.

A tea garden with mouthwatering refreshments was available in the Cachet Road garden on the tour, giving community members just one more way to enjoy the natural beauty of Germiston.

The event allowed the Rotary Anns to raise funds to support their charities, community services and future projects.

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