Resident concerned about rowdy teens

Resident claims teens are loitering and smoking dagga.

Worried resident, Symhurst writes:

I am concerned about a group of teenagers loitering around a café (opposite a park) in Collins Road, Symhurst.

I believe they smoke marijuana and they loiter around the shop for hours on end.

When you approach them they are very disrespectful and use foul language.

It’s concerning for the community in general.

They act like gangsters – anyone or a group that hangs around for long periods smoking or whatever can only be up to no good.

I’m also concerned about the lack of police visibility in this area.

You hardly see a police vehicle or CPF vehicle in this area.

The only time I’ve seen a police vehicle in this area is when they were having lunch under the tree in the park.

I recently had my company truck stolen in this area, which makes me more concerned.

One of the people who hangs around the café even has a small child.

They generally make a nuisance of themselves and are very rowdy.

I have tried to contact the SAPS via email but have received no response.

Editor’s note:

Sgt Styles Maome, the communications officer for the Primrose SAPS said, “The Primrose police have not received a complaint regarding the youth at this particular venue and we continually patrol in the area.

“We will monitor the area near the shop as mentioned in the letter.”

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