Luso keep their eye on the prize

Luso Africa FC faced Old Benonians Football Club, at Hattingh Park, in their Eastern Local Football Association’s (ELFA) Super League fixtures, last Tuesday. Luso’s reserve team battled for victory against their opponents with Taiwo Akiode (white) having to fight hard to maintain possession of the ball.

The chilly night air did nothing to deter the determination of Luso Africa FC’s senior sides fresh off their victories over Germiston City Football Club.

The club hosted Old Benonians Football Club at Hattingh Park, in their Eastern Local Football Association’s (ELFA) Super League fixtures, last Tuesday.

Luso’s reserve side took to the pitch first, winning their clash against Old Bens 3-2, and from the very first whistle the teams looking evenly matched with neither giving an inch.

Players charged up and down the field with impressive performances from both sides’ defenders and attackers before a defensive error from Luso meant that Old Bens was able to take the lead after scoring the first goal of the match.

Luso fought hard to equalise but went into the changing rooms disappointed.

However, the half-time team talk seemed to be just what the team needed as the players retook the field, buzzing and ready to tackle their opponents.

Nuno De Sousa lifted the side’s spirits even higher when he scored an equalising goal only moments after the second-half whistle sounded.

Luso continued to look the stronger team until another defensive error saw Old Bens retake the lead.

Luso pressed hard for the equaliser and were awarded a penalty halfway through the second half, which was calmly converted by Dylan Willson.

De Sousa scored his second goal of the night, and the match’s final goal, with 10 minutes left on the clock.

The team were thrilled to come out on top, after goalkeeper Dillon Rebeiro saved a penalty kick by Old Bens in the final minutes.

The team remains unbeaten in the season.

The first team then took to the field for their match, in which Igor Ivanov gave Luso the early lead with a strong header into the back of the net.

The early goal gave the team the confidence they needed to better the visiting team, winning their match 3-2.

The match’s second goal also came from Ivanov, after the defender found himself in the opposition box with an opportunity to score.

The team headed into the change rooms in high spirits, leading the match 2-0.

Old Bens kept the pressure on in the second half and were rewarded with a goal early on, which Luso’s Marco Cabeleira cancelled out almost immediately.

The game remained very competitive, with the visitors only managing to sneak in one more goal before the final whistle blew.

The victory marked the third consecutive win for Luso’s first team in the season.

Luso will take on Boksburg Football Club in their next Super League fixture, on April 22, at Hattingh Park, after the Easter break.

Other results:

  • Luso’s first division veterans faced Modder Football Club, who replaced Bedfordview after they pulled out, in the veterans’ league cup final.

Luso celebrated a 4-0 win, making them league champions, with Brent Vos scoring three of the four goals in the match and Marco Da Grace rounding out the score.

  • Luso’s SAB Team lost their match against XI Experience 2-1 in the 97th minute.

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