Illegal taverns closed in Primrose

Two men were arrested and alcohol seized during a police operation in the Makause informal settlement, where two illegal taverns were closed down.

The Primrose police continue their efforts to crack down on the illegal sale of alcohol in Primrose’s informal settlements.

Their most recent operation in the Makause informal settlement saw two illegal taverns being closed down and their owners, a 39- and 41-year-old man, being arrested.

Litres of alcohol were also seized in the operation and taken to the Primrose Police Station, where it will be destroyed.

Primrose police seize alcohol during operation in Makause informal settlement.

“Officers who were on a foot patrol of the informal settlement approached the owner at each tavern after watching residents purchasing alcohol.

“Neither was able to give police a valid liquor licence and they were arrested,” explained Sgt Styles Maome, communications officers for the Primrose police.

The men were released from custody after each paid an admission of guilt fine.

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