Flying Lions take to the skies with some new plumage

Flying Lions aerobatics team Sean Thackwray (left), Ellis Levin, Arnie Meneghelli and Scully Levin with Jonathan Molapo, chief operating officer of Puma Energy in Africa, share a smile at Rand Airport during the unveiling of the new Puma Energy sponsored Flying Lions last Friday.

One can barely describe the feeling that comes with an aerobatic flight, and one name that has become renowned with thrilling aerobatic displays is the Flying Lions.

For the past 17 years there has been no mistaking the Flying Lions’ Harvard AT6 aircraft that have roared into life at many air shows and trade shows , across the country and beyond, thrilling millions with breath-taking synchronised aerial displays.

The team comprises renowned pilots Scully Levin, Arnie Meneghelli, Ellis Levin and Sean Thackwray, and has over the years become a finely tune machine refining their manoeuvres to something that can only be described as world class.

The team has also been sponsored by a number of top businesses over the years, however, for the last 18 months the team has flown in all white, searching for the perfect fit.

Enter Puma Energy, the global integrated midstream and downstream energy company.

The sponsorship was announced at Rand Airport last Friday, during a special unveiling event which included a show-stopping aerobatic display from the team in their new red, green and white branding.

Speaking at the event, group chief operating officer for Puma Energy, Christophe Zyde expressed the group’s enthusiasm for the sponsorship.

“Puma Energy is proud to team up with the Flying Lions, a world-class aerobatic team.

“As a global fuel business, we are committed to the same world class service, providing high quality, competitively priced products to our many customers around the world, and this is particularly true for our aviation customers.

“We look forward to an exciting partnership that will bring Puma Energy to life in a new and exciting way for our customers in South Africa and beyond,” he said.

Zohra Mc Doolley-Aimone, regional head of corporate affairs for Puma Energy South Africa, added to Zyde sentiments.

“We were attracted to join forces with the Flying Lions because they represent precision, high performance and passion-qualities that are perfectly aligned with Puma Energy’s values.

“This sponsorship made sense to us because it speaks to our strategy of making use of the most targeted, impactful and innovative way of representing our brand in the public eye, globally and here in South Africa.”

Flying Lions ground affairs team manager Meneghelli said, “When a strong global player like Puma Energy, still relatively new in the SA market, joins forces with the Flying Lions, it creates a powerful mobile tool to reach the public across the many venues where we perform across the country.

“We believe this sponsorship means that the Flying Lions team can help Puma Energy to achieve greater visibility and recognition.

“As a close-knit team that lives and breathes flying, we the pilots are tremendously dedicated to what we do and derive great pleasure and satisfaction from bringing formation and display flying to the South African public so they can share our passion.”

The team now looks ahead to an exciting new chapter in their rich history.

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