Update: Men’s bodies recovered from Primrose mine

The mine where the men were trapped. Photo: ER24

The bodies of the two men trapped in a mine in Stanley Road, Primrose were brought to the surface, last night.

The first man was declared dead by emergency services after he was brought to the surface of the mine at about 6pm.

The second man was brought to the surface at about midnight and was also declared dead by emergency services.

Both men were trapped after descending into the mine, before 3pm, yesterday afternoon (May 18).

“Fire and rescue workers had great difficulty in bringing both men to the surface,” said Annine Siddall, spokesperson for ER24.

It is believed that the owner and one employee of the mine had descended more than 75 metres into the mine to check on water levels.

ER24 paramedics were called to the scene at 3pm and arrived to find one of the men had run out of oxygen at that time.

Local authorities are conducting an investigation.

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