Metro mum on state of Lower Main Reef

This section of Lower Main Reef Road is impassable for motorists and is a risk to their safety.

Lower Main Reef Road has once again become a no-go zone for motorists.

The stretch of road outside a trucking company has deteriorated to such an extent that it has become impassable for motorists, who fear for their lives when trying to traverse the section of road.

The GCN reported on the road in April when, after numerous requests from road users, as well as the Ward 36 councillor Wendy Morgan, the road had finally been repaired.

However, even then potholes were starting to form on the opposite side of the road due to the continual movement of trucks going in and out of a container depot/trucking company in the area.

Katie Geyser, a frequent user of the road, is totally fed up with the situation.

She has been reporting the problem to the metro for months and nothing has been done.

“The fact that nothing has been done here is an absolute insult to us law abiding tax payers.

“I came within millimetres of been pushed off the road on Friday morning by an irate driver trying to get through.

“How much longer do we have to endure travelling on this non-existent road before something is done about it?

“What are they waiting for?” said Geyser.

Morgan has also been trying to get answers as to when the road will be fixed and a permanent solution to the problem of the trucks found, but to no avail.

The GCN has requested comment from the metro numerous times but none has been forthcoming.


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