Where is the service delivery?

The metro should deliver on its promise of service delivery.

Barry Taylor, Germiston writes:

Dear Mr Mayor,

I keep hearing about the improvements to service delivery in Ekurhuleni.

As yet I cannot say that I have noticed any major improvements.

The potholes are still there.

They do not get repaired/filled in.

The street lights are out and have been out for months.

Manhole covers are still missing (I know there is a problem here as to the theft of the metal ones but other material could be used) and then there is the general untidiness of the suburbs.

The parks department prunes trees and just leaves the cuttings on the side of the road – they sometimes come back but then again they do not.

Streets in suburbs are not attended to.

Rain gutters are not cleaned or swept.

As you drive down Black Reef Road there are stormwater drain covers that are extremely dangerous to any one walking down the pavement.

Some of the covers stick up in the air with steel bars protruding from them.

There are street light poles which have been removed on Black Reef Road due to accidents and these will never get replaced as it is easier not to have them than to provide quality lighting on a major road.

In Dinwiddie (Ambleside Road and Hatfield Avenue) a pile of rubble, dug out by a metro contractor last November, is still there.

The entrance to both Germiston High School and the Germiston Lake parking area have both been re-tarred after the contractors dug up the area to lay pipes months ago.

Once again, this has not been finished.

The kerb stones have not been replaced and piles of rubble have been left there.

There is no follow-up by the metro as to the standards that the contractors should abide by.

Whoever is responsible for the follow-up of work done by the contractor should be retrained and no payment should be made to any contractor until the work is fully completed.

On Kasteel Road and Deimos Road in Castleview, potholes were reported weeks ago and remain unattended to even after we received notification that “the department is attending to these.”

I have a list going back to October, last year, with reference numbers but no action has been taken on any of these.

Contractors and metro workers pass by from time to time and just ignore them.

The metro asks residents to report problems to try and improve life for all, but very little seems to get done about them.

I could go on and on but this is why I believe the mayor’s “Promise to the people about service delivery” leaves a lot to be desired.

Germiston City News

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