Tech Thursday: 5 recommended safety apps for women

It’s 2017 and world has evolved into a technological hub of innovation and progression yet women are still subjected to personal attacks, violence, rape, abuse and the list goes on. One just has to read the headlines online to see the amount of misogyny that exists in the world from police, politicians, authorities, and media.

In South Africa alone, the amount of reported cases of women being abducted, raped and killed is alarming. How can technology play a role in trying to combat this reality? There is no one-stop-shop solution but these apps have been developed to try and increase a sense of safety for women.


MySOS is a locally developed app that offers users access to contact details and addresses for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, vets and police stations in South Africa. It also has a special feature called mySOS Track Me that can track your journey anywhere in SA. If you are running late it checks your GPS location and notifies your emergency SOS contacts. This app will definitely come in handy since we have numerous emergency service providers in the private and public sector.

Download it here.


Project Namola App

Project Namola is a local app that provides an Uber-like service for security in Gauteng, Western Cape and Stellenbosch. The app works by using the geo-location of subscribers who need emergency help. By simply pressing a button, a notification is sent to Metro Police of your nearest city who will respond. Project Namola might only be available in a few provinces at the moment but it definitely hints at the possibility of app technology being utilised elsewhere around the country and putting to practice cooperation between communities and police. Namola provides data analytics that allow police to identify crime hotspots and deploy resources accordingly.

Download it here.


Bull Horns

Bull Horns first burst into the spotlight in South Africa in 2014. Made by App Developer Studio, the Bull Horns app allows a panic button to be added to a user’s smartphone. It allows the user to dial their security company or the police automatically in an emergency situation. The app is available on both Android and Apple smartphones and is free to download and use. It allows up to five private contacts (preferably who live close by) to be notified in case of an emergency.

Download it here.

Women Safety Shield App

Many women who have reported abuse to the police realise when it’s too late that they should’ve taken pictures of evidence of the abuse. This app allows the user to take pictures (as evidence) and quickly send the info, your current location to your pre-determined emergency contact. This way, action can be taken immediately. There is also a Walk With Me function that allows your contacts to track your whereabouts and provides a list of police stations and hospitals near you. The only problem is that it is yet to be made available in South Africa.

Download it here.

Watch Over Me App

Women and children are the most targeted victims of abuse and rape not only when they are in dangerous places. The Watch Over Me App allows your contacts to follow your journey. You can specify how long you want it to track your GPS location until you reach your destination. The best thing about the app is that if you are in a dangerous situation, you can shake your phone to trigger an emergency alert and your phone camera will automatically turn on and start recording. The app also tells you when you’ve entered a high crime rate area.

Download it here.

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